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Think First—Why Process Mindset Must be Developed Early

Putting Process at the Centre of Business Management

Creating Value in Customer Experience Management

Driving a Repeatable Robust Model of Integration

Customised Model Release Cycle Management in ARIS

The Problem with Process Modelling

Driving Change With Cloud Services

5 Questions to Ask About Your Middleware/ ESB Strategy

7 Key Actions to Drive Process Change

Robotic Process Automation’s place in Process Improvement

The Big BPM Project

Make Process Ownership Happen in Financial Institutions

Leonardo Consulting Becomes a Pega Registered Business Partner

Value Delivery is a Two-Way-Street

Think First - Mindset then Toolset

Establishing the ‘Why’ of Business Process Management

Service and Value Are Delivered by Process

Are You Delivering Process Artifacts Rather Than Customer Value?

Are Quick Wins a Fast Track to Process Improvement Failure?

Creating a Process Mindset Using Everyday Process Thinking

5 Challenges to Improving a Process Mindset

How Developing a Process Mindset Can Help You Avoid BPM Failure

Why business process is crucial for business transformation

A BPM Success Story with Nuno Serra

BPMN Myths Debunked with Stephen White

The Origins of BPMN: Interview with Stephen White

Using Positive Deviance (+D) in Process Improvement

Process Modeling Notation with an Expert: Interview with Stephen White

Are You a Process Preventer or Resolver?

The Primacy of Business Process

Choosing the Right Prototyping Tools for Innovation Success

Innovating Creative Ideas Into Business Concepts Your Customer's Will Love

The Best Ideation Tools for Business Success

Prioritizing business innovation in your organization

Shifting business operations to an ‘as-a-service’ delivery model

Selling Process Model Benefits

Is Efficient, Cost-Effective Integration Possible?

How to Assess Your Process Models

Creating value through business innovation

How deep should process models go?

6 things to consider when implementing a business architecture

3 Steps to Control Your Process Models

14 Benefits of a Valid Process-based Business Architecture

The Role of Architecture in Process Models

Is your process-based business architecture valid?

What is a process-based business architecture?

6 Steps to Follow When Designing Modeling Standards & Conventions

Process Models Need Modeling Conventions

How to Use Process Models

How to Keep Process Models Consistent

Resolving the Modeler's Dilemma

5 Key BPM Roles You Need For a Successful BPM Practice

The Two Key Reasons to Engage in Process Modeling

When to Stop Your Process Modeling

The Benefits of a Process Architecture in Project and Portfolio Management

10 Steps to Improve Your Process Modeling

Why benefits are important for a successful BPM journey

11 Benefits of Customizing ARIS for Your Organization

12 Principles to Follow When Balancing Process Management

Define, Measure & Close Process Performance Gaps at Your Organization

Thoughts on the Conflicted Use of Process Language

Connecting business process and organizational strategy

Improving BPM capability and credibility

4 steps to creating sustainable business process management

What is the Office of Business Process Management?

An introduction to Process Mining

Getting the most out of Business Process Modelling

Bringing together project requirements in ARIS

Why inventory of IT applications is business critical

The 4 Development States of BPM

8 Steps to developing an Office of BPM

5 Steps to follow when implementing ARIS customized requirements

Crossing the Chasm toward BPM Maturity

The Role of Tools in Process Governance [Infographic]

9 Benefits of Process Measurement

Test cricket explained for beginners via an EPC

A Process View of Fraud Investigation

Preparing your business processes for growth

Putting Practical Process-based Management Into Operation

3 Steps to Converting EPC Models to Swimlane Models

Designing the Process-centric Organization - The Process Session #9

Selecting a Project Management Model (PMM): Prince2 vs PMBOK

Process Support - The Process Session #8

4 Approaches to Manage ARIS Administration

Process Capability - The Process Session #7

Process Mindset - The Process Session #6

Selecting a Process Measurement Framework

Process Change - The Process Session #5

Process Governance- The Process Session #4

Process Measurement - The Process Session #3

Process Architecture - The Process Session #2

The 7 Enablers of BPM - The Process Session #1

The importance of a process measurement friendly culture

The Need for Enterprise Transformation

What is Involved in Outsourcing BPM?

The 7 Deadly Sins of BPM Governance

5 Key Elements to BPM Governance

10 Steps in Delivering Effective BPM Governance

What are the most important questions in Business Process Management?

The Compelling Reasons for BPM

A ROI of Process Modelling

4 things to remember when creating Business Process Architecture (BPA)

Why you should run an SAP project in a process-centric manner

Process Modelling for Business Success

Sustaining Improved Organizational Performance

Creating a culture of continuous problem finding

Disrupting Process Management: The 7Enablers of BPM

The Case for Process Architecture

Embed Process Governance at Your Organization

5 Keys to Improving Process Measurement

Getting process measurement right in your organization

The Lifecycle of Business Process Management: Target, Measure, Respond

The Difference Between Business Rules and Business Processes

Eight Steps To Transform Your Organisation

Identifying opportunities in process improvement

BPM Training for 2015 and 2016

Creating Sustainable Process Based Management

Realising value inside the ARIS tool

How to Present Business Process Models to Stakeholders

Realizing Process Modelling Benefit: The Repository Dividend

Ambidextrous BPM: An interview with Prof Michael Rosemann

Process Modeling with Business Rules

Building an IT application inventory: a return on experience

4 Ways to Manage BPM Software Administration

Understanding the 'As Is': Why is it so?

4 things to remember when building enterprise architecture capability

EPC vs BPMN: Reviewing Modelling Notations

Linking GRC and BPM: Governance Risk Compliance and Business Process Management

Why Business Processes Matter to Organisational Design

Critical processes: the outside-in perspective

Why Measure Process Performance?

Why Business Process Management (BPM) is Critical

Process Mining: What’s Stopping Us?

5 Ways to Foster Continuous Process Improvement in Your Team

Why it is important to measure process performance

Are You Modeling Too Many Processes?

3 Things to Consider When Starting an Office of BPM in Small Business