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Why Measure Process Performance?

Lida Du Plesis

Lida joined Leonardo Consulting after five years as Process Analyst in the Credit Card industry at major banks in South Africa and Switzerland. Through her background in Information Technology and diverse experience in the industries of Banking, Publishing, Personnel Management and now Mining, Lida has a unique mixture of skills to align strategy, technology and operations. Her experience spans the complete Business Process Management lifecycle; from definition, documentation and maintenance of an ARIS database of core processes to the implementation of process cost management tools which support corporate efficiency and drive continuous improvement. This includes operation wide capacity planning based on well-defined cost, volume, time and utilisation measures to support Activity Based Costing.

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Why Measure Process Performance?

Ultimately, the aim of any business is to deliver on customers and stakeholders performance expectations, be it profit, market share, customer satisfaction or compliance – anything that will gain competitive advantage and add value to the organisation. Typically, a number of key measures are used to report on and manage the delivery of that performance. Too often, however, those measures only represent part of the picture.

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