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Lucienne Van Hilten

Lucienne Van Hilten

Senior Business Process Management professional with international experience across various industries in BPM, Business Analyst and Change Management roles.

Recent Posts:

Creating a Process Mindset Using Everyday Process Thinking

Many of our customers find the implementation of a Process Mindset one of the most challenging parts of operationalising BPM. The whole organization should ‘think and breathe’ the process in all they do. It can be daunting to both know where to start and how to achieve a Process Mindset within the organization. Think Process There are many strategies that can be used to develop this ‘think process’ approach. A few of these are: Regular ‘community of interest’ meetings Process improvement project discussion groups Process innovation jams Idea submission schemes Where to start? When the organisation starts the BPM journey, what do you discuss in the first sessions? How do you make sure the whole organisation sets off in the direction of ‘think process’ with the same mindset? How do you ensure that people are not scared by the concept of ‘think process’?

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