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Process Modelling for Business Success

Marco Fargnoli Marco Fargnoli on July 14, 2015


With margins thinner than the crusts of its pizzas, a pizza chain restaurant operates in a fiercely competitive and demanding market. There are many alternatives for the customers’ disposable income. Inevitable and escalating cost pressures impact a wide range of business inputs. Customer tastes are notoriously fickle. Staff enthusiasm is difficult to shape and maintain through rapidly varying demand cycles. This is a tight, demanding, sometimes fragile, always brittle, supply chain that demands deep understanding, superior planning, and faultless execution to deliver consistent success. And you thought it was just a pizza!

Success for any business comes from a detailed understanding of the hierarchy of business processes that consume inputs, use resources, create value, and deliver customer service, and an unrelenting focus of the measurement and improvement of those processes.

It is mission critical for any organisation to understand and manage its business processes. Process modelling is crucial to successful business outcomes - the bigger your business, the more excellence is required in your process modelling.

Most organizations are under pressure to reduce costs, enhance products and services, and be more attentive to customers. Process-based management offers a practical solution by refocusing on how value is delivered.

Marco Fargnoli will be presenting  this case study ‘Pizzas for Africa’ at the 2015 Building Business Capability Conference in Sydney this August.  You’ll never again look at that box of pizza in the same way. Beyond the pizza, you will also see a whole new way to look at your own organization.

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Topics: BPM - Business Process Management