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3 Things to Consider When Starting an Office of BPM in Small Business

Roger Tregear Roger Tregear on September 11, 2014

Don't forget to research, start lean and develop discipline when starting an OBPM project

Business today struggle with implementing business process management. Starting an Office of BPM in a small business can often be seen as too time consuming and a drain on your ROI. But you don't need to employ vast resources in order to accomplish this. Companies can use lean, agile methodologies to gain great benefits in their BPM space with out breaking the budget.

1. Do your research

Discussion on Buisiness Process Management and setting up OBPM structures in business are often led my large corporations - but their are other great practices who focus on small business. Engage with great blogs: thebpmninja.comBPMtoday.com.au; smallbusinessBPM.net

2. Start lean

Look at delivering BPM sucesses early in your project. Assign a team of 2-3 people to map your processes and enable process ownership across you compnay. Your goal should be that at the the end of your project, your Office of BPM is only staffed by 1 person - perhaps none. Empower your team to become process leaders - not followers. 

3. Develop discipline

Many business see projects grow and take too much time. Small businesses rarely have the time or money to continue to resource this and thus these projects are doomed! Develop fixed timelines with your project, and map our your project early ensuring you have covered the 4 areas of OBPM projects: Technology, Software and Reporting. 

Goodluck with your OBPM Office of Business Process Management project!


Topics: BPM - Business Process Management